Workshops and classes for all ages! See descriptions for more information. Workshops can all be differentiated to accommodate younger, or special needs artists.

Workshops are offered year round. Groups need to have at least 4 participants to hold a workshop, and we are able to accommodate up to 20 people. Refreshments are more than welcome. BYOB! We are equipped with an area for your treats, and a mini fridge and coffee maker are provided for your convenience.

Please call or email to set up all workshops. 610-451-4418 or

Chip and dip platter

Make your own chip and dip platter on the pottery wheel to use at your next party. During the mini throwing session, learn to center and to throw both a large platter and bowls as well . Workshop is $50 per person and 2 hours long. 

wine chillers

Roll slabs of clay around wine bottles to create a chiller for your favorite wine. These chillers make great holiday gifts. Workshop is $40 per person and 2 hours long. *This workshop can be paired with Pressed Platter workshop for $60.

Slab platters

Use leaves and other foliage and press into clay slabs to create texture and decoration. Platters can can come in any size or shape that you desire! Workshop is $40 per person and 2 hours long. *This workshop can be paired with Wine Chiller workshop for $60.

Jewelry bowls

Add to a pre-thrown leather hard bowl of your choice. Press in holes for earrings, draw designs, and adorn with rubber stamps. Workshop is $35 per person and 1.5-2 hours long.

scraffito giving plate

Scratch through glaze into clay to make a plate to share all year round. Workshop is $40 per person and 2 hours long.

Handmade mugs

Create a mug by rolling out a slab of clay and adding a handle. Press letters in to the mug for your favorite quote, initials, or make a design on the side to enjoy each morning with your coffee or tea. $40 per person. Workshop is 2 hours long.

pinterest parties

Send us your favorite pins and we will make them! Anything you pin we can help you make. Pins do not need to be clay related. Most workshops are $40 unless supplies will be more, and are 2 hours long.

Tot Time

Activities geared toward children ages 1-5 years, older siblings welcome unless disruptive. Each child must have an adult helper with them at all times. Meetings will include one make and take item, one clay activity to be created and completed in future studio visits, a story, and snack time. You are responsible for providing a snack and drink for your child. $10 per child, per visit. Tot time runs from 10 a.m. -11:30 a.m. every 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning in April and running through August. Special Tot Times will be posted September- March.  Please email or call if you plan on attending so we may prepare the appropriate amount of materials for each child. Booster seats and bumbo seats with trays are helpful if your child cannot sit on their own. *You are responsible for bringing your own. (Clay can be easily wiped off the seats)*

Mud masks

Want SUPER smooth, soft skin? Clay is one of nature's most natural exfoliates. Grab a group of friends and come visit "The Mud Room Spa"! Face exfoliation lasts about 1-1.5 hours and is $25 per person. Please bring your own facial moisturizer cream to apply after mud mask. Book another clay workshop at the same time to do while your mask is drying and save $5.