What We Offer

Throwing Lessons

Classes are given in four hour blocks. The first class is a one hour session. The remaining three hours may be broken into as many sessions as you wish.

For example:
Session 1 - 1 hour ($45)
Session 2 - 1.5  hours ($40 each hr after the 1st session)
Session 3 - 0.5 hours
Session 4 - 1 hour

 Download the
Throwing Lessons Registration Form.

Please complete the form and then submit via email, mail, or drop off at The Mud Room.

What is... Wine and Wheel?

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You and a bunch of your friends gather at The Mud Room for an hour or more of wine (BYOW), and one on one instruction on how to center and throw simple clay forms on the wheel. Individual instruction time is limited to the allotted time your group has reserved the studio. It is recommended to reserve one hour for 2-5 people and two hours for 5-8 people. For every two people added after eight, another half hour will be added to provide each person with adequate wheel time.



When can I start?

Wine and wheel studio sessions can be arranged at any time of day or evening. Please call
610-451-4418 to set up your session.

Can I take the stuff I make home? 
Not right away; you will not be able to take your work home the same day you make it. It will take two weeks to dry and get fired (baked and hardened). You may set up a time to return to the studio to glaze or paint your work at any time, or The Mud Room can do it for you for an extra $5/piece. (Most people return to glaze their work, it's FREE that way!) If we are glazing for you, it will take four weeks for your pottery to be finished.

How much does it cost?

  • 2-4 people- $35 each per hour
  • 5-8 people- $30 each per hour
  • More than 8 people - $25 each per hour


Please refer to our Workshops page for more information on what we offer each season. Special events such as birthday parties, club meetings, and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Please email for more information. Studio area is available for rental for personal studio time and use if requested.